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3377 Spalding Rd.,  Sherman, TX 75092

Come visit us the 2nd Saturday of each Month at the following location:

Cameron Crossing,
1751 N Central Expy.
McKinney, TX 75070
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Be A Pal Program

Not just your typical black dog, one of her most distinguishing features are her eyes; one blue, one brown. Bea was brought to us as a puppy by a couple who had found her on the side of a highway in Sherman; she had been hit by a car and left there. Luckily her injuries weren’t life-threatening, and she was able to come to ARFhouse immediately. Because of her carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude, Bea is one of the dogs who gets to run loose on the property. Her favorite employee is Alexis, who she spends her days with running, swimming and wreaking havoc on the place with her friends. At night, she goes home with Alexis, who lives on-site.