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Adoption Application

Thank you for choosing Animal Refuge Foundation (ARFhouse) to adopt your companion animal.  It is our goal to make a happy, compatible and lasting match between you and your dog.

All adopted dogs will be fully vetted prior to adoption. This includes: current vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm test (if 6 months of age or older), deworming, flea/tick prevention and a microchip.  Additional procedures will be done as necessary, such as full blood panels for seniors, dentals, etc.  The requested donation to adopt a dog is $200.00.

To begin the adoption process, the following must be in place:
•  You must be at least 21 years of age and have current identification reflecting your present address and telephone number.
•  If you are a renter, you must provide a copy of your lease or your landlord’s phone number.  Please ensure your rental agreement indicates no breed or weight restrictions. Oftentimes, people are unaware of the fact that these exist until they are ready to bring a companion animal home.

***  PLEASE NOTE:   All applications are considered, but not all are approved.  If you have not received a response from us within 48 hours of applying or have a question about your application and the process to adopt, please contact us via e-mail only, as our adoption counselors will be able to respond more timely than if a phone message is left.
City, State, Zip Code
Email Address
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Work Phone
What is the best time / number to contact you?
Are you employed / self-employed?
If so, please list the name and address of your employer Employer Name:

Employer Address:

If not, what is the source of your income?
Which pet are you applying for?
When are you planning to adopt?
Why are you interested in adopting this pet?  (for companion, a gift, protection, etc.)
Which qualities are most important to you?  Please check all that apply:
Good with Children Dog Friendly Cat Friendly
Housebroken Low Shedding Seldom Barks
Active Low Energy    
Number of Adults in Household
Number / Ages of Children in Household
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?
If someone in your home were to become allergic to this newly adopted dog, how would you handle it?
Please list all CURRENT Pets in Household  
Cat / Dog / Other Breed Age Spayed/Neutered Current on
Where Acquired?
If you have any cats, are they inside or outside cats?
Please list all PAST Pets in Household  
Cat / Dog / Other Breed Age Deceased / Rehomed / Etc.
If you have other animals at this time, who is your veterinarian? Name:



Where do you plan to keep this dog during the day?
Where do you plan to keep this dog at night?
What are your beliefs regarding obedience training?
Are you willing to allow your new dog time to adjust (this could take weeks to months)?
Are you aware that even if you adopt an adult dog, you must work on housebreaking?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, please provide the name and phone number of your landlord: Landlord Name:

Landlord Phone Number:

Is your yard securely fenced?
How high is your fence?
What type of fence do you have?
What is the longest period of time you would leave this dog unattended outside?
Will this be an inside/outside pet?
How will you exercise this dog?
Who will be responsible for caring for this new pet?
How many hours per day do you spend at home?
Have you applied to adopt from other rescues?
Under what circumstances would you return this pet?
How would you punish/discipline this pet?
Please list names / numbers of two references: Name:




How did you hear about us?

I/We confirm that all information provided in this application is true and correct. By submitting this application, permission is given to ARFhouse to investigate and confirm the information provided herein. All forms become the property of ARFhouse.

I agree to the posted TERMS AND CONDITIONS