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3377 Spalding Rd.,  Sherman, TX 75092

Come visit us the 2nd Saturday of each Month at the following location:

Cameron Crossing,
1751 N Central Expy.
McKinney, TX 75070

Come visit us the 4th Saturday of each Month
at the following location:

Prosper, Texas
1001 S. Preston Road
Prosper, Texas 75078
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Be-A-Pal Program

Welcome to one of the most important programs for ARFhouse. Our Be a Pal Program allows you to virtually “adopt” the dog of your choice through a monetary donation of $20 per month, that is deducted automatically through PayPal. We will send you quarterly photos of the dog you choose to sponsor, as well as a written letter updating you on what’s been happening and what’s new with your Pal for that quarter.

While most of our dogs are awaiting a home, some are up for adoption but due to some behavioral issues, may take longer than usual to get a new home. Others may not be suitable for a family environment, have special health needs that require frequent attention, or are residents of our Senior Sanctuary. For those that do not find their forever home, they will remain with us for the rest of their lives.

Dogs are like humans in that as they age, their medical problems increase. This means more trips to the veterinarian. ARFhouse does not euthanize when a senior dog’s health fails, unless he is in pain that cannot be managed, and death is inevitable. With your donation of $20, you will be helping with the cost of living/medical expenses that these ever-aging dogs incur throughout their lives.

Our sponsorship program can also make a great gift for those that can’t actually adopt a “real” pooch, but instead can have a “virtual” companion. You can also send specific gifts for your sponsored dog; they love receiving their own presents!

To learn more about each of these dogs, just click on their photo below.
We will be adding more Sanctuary Dogs to this page, so keep checking back.