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Tribute to Phoebe
December 2010
When we were pulling a dog from the local kill shelter 14 years ago, we saw this tiny dog and she was so weak, her back legs could barely support her.  "Phoebe" was irresistible, so she joined the ranks of the pack at ARFhouse that very day.  She lived here for all these years, but in December 2010 she could no longer walk, so with heavy hearts, we had to say goodbye to "Phoebe" and ask our veterinarian to euthanize her.  She's buried in the ARFhouse cemetery.
Tribute to Petey
Our sweet "Petey" arrived as a stray covered in cigarette burns and with oozing, infected ears from bad clipping.  He was the gentlest dog who ever lived at ARFhouse. He loved for the tiny dogs to climb all over him.  He died from cancer of the lungs.
"Sissy" was a dog who followed Martha Hovers everywhere she went on the property.  She always rode on the seat of the golfcart next to her.  When she contracted tongue cancer, the tumor was removed and grew back within a month.  Then more of the tumors began to appear in several spots on her body.  She passed away in her sleep at Hovers' house.
Tribute to Sissy
Our Big Queen, "Pasja" arrived as a senior dog and was with us just short of 3 years.  She was the most beautiful German Shepherd ever; regal and with a huge heart.  We'll never forget her courage and spirit at the end, as through the time she was with us.
Tribute to Pasja
"Daffy Duck" was Hovers' own precious mini-sheltie.  When she was 6 wks old, a breeder delivered her to the kill shelter to be destroyed.

They subsequently called ARFhouse and asked if we would take her.  The vet told us she had suffered a brain injury (her eyes constantly moved back and forth).  She would have fits of temper over different sounds.

She never touched water and had to be given sweetened milk watered down in order to drink.  She was a character and carried her gator around constantly.  She had a very short life; only 3 years.  We knew that w/her health issues she wouldn't live long, but we were not ready for her to leave us so suddenly like she did.  There will never be another like her.
Tribute to Daffy Duck
"Lola" was a sweet girl whom we all fell in love with.  Obviously she
became a house dog here at ARFhouse.  She was abandoned at a boarding kennel by her guardian and we accepted her into ARFhouse.  She was an elderly dog when she came to us and lived less than a year because she had cancer upon arrival. It was a very sad parting.
Tribute to Lola
These are a few of the dogs who spent their lives at ARFhouse and have since passed on.  We always miss the ones who leave us....